THEESatisfaction's 2nd Sub Pop album EarthEE was released in February 2015.

Top Ten 2015 SassyBlack feels

  • 1. EarthEE. is a a bad ass emo ass dope in my feelings up in space naked kind of album. And we made that. WE MADE THAT. Stas and I made that. We made it. Yaaaah. It was gnarles barkley and Ish killed it and Erik killed it and Dai killed it and Adam killed it and Meshell killed it and everyone evolved killed and resurrected that piece like wooha gotchu all in check.

  • 2. SassyBlack. My personal growth as a solo artist and producer and DJ has been something special. Many more projects to come as this persona and character.

  • 3. Sunshine in Seattle. That was just grand. I was baking this summer in Seattle. And we kicked it off really early compared to the usual late June/July timing. It started getting hot in MAY!. What the hey. How sweet it is to be loved by the PNW. Too bad we will have to pay for it this winter.

  • 4. Badu. Whether at SXSW or just in the world killing it. Always got time to throw the Queen up in my top ten. Oh btw she said she loved THEESatisfaction and gave me a kiss on the cheek at SXSW soooo my life is pretty bad ass. *insert heart eye emojis thingies*

  • 5. Islands. I freaking love ISLANDS! Been on a bunch this year, Whidbey, Madeira (Portugal), Azores (Portugal) San Sebastian (Spain), Sitka (Alaska). I just love the island vibe and people and smells and food and yea. My life is like an island.

  • 6. Teaching. I taught a lot and spoke on a lot of panels. I love to help people of all ages. AWWWW. Sharing is caring and helping is...something that rhymes with helping

  • 7. Music videos. Great music videos this year. All the THEESat music videos, Shabazz videos Silver Jackson videos, my SassyBlack videoooo. AND MISSY ELLIOT'S VIDEO. UMMM YEAH. HELL YA.

  • 8. Touring with Sleater-Kinney changed my life and perspective on musicianship. Omg they are so nice and kick ass and I love their music and know a bunch of their songs instantly.

  • 9. Side hustles. Everybody loves a side hustle. I made knit hats and jewelry as Bettie Brown (available via Sub Pop shameless plug). I sold thrifty goods as Fantastic Fits. I produced & sponsored events as Space Theory. 2015 was a fun year for my crafting and creative vibes.

  • 10. Meeting famous people. Met Dave Cross and everyone from Bob's Burgers at an after party for the LA Sleater-Kinney show. Met Jazmine Sullivan at the Roots Picnic. Meeting Fred Armisen. Just loving life. In 2016, I will continue to kick it with the universe.