Olivia Riley

Sub Pop Airport store

(Eugene Mirman crying in the background)

Top 10 Cries of 2015

  • 1.) Super Bowl XLIX.

    This year started out with a lot of sobbing and then some more uncontrollable sobbing! ("Give Beast Mode the F$#@%& ball!") I cried myself to sleep that night.

  • 2.) "Fade Into You".

    J Mascis' cover of this Mazzy Star song is so beautiful I had to go hide my tears in the back room at my work the first time I heard it.

  • 3.) Montage of Blleettch!

    Not sure if it was the weed that made me puke my guts out after watching this film, but I definitely mourned the loss of the money I spent on these tickets and my brunch.

  • 4.) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015.

    I am such a sap for all these beautiful artists being recognized! I can't remember exactly when the tears started rolling, but some of my favorites were Bill Withers and Joan Jett. Patti Smith's induction speech for Lou Reed gave me chills. She has continued to touch my heart all year as I happened to be reading, Just Kids around the time of the ceremony and I have just finished her newest book, M Train.

  • 5.) Realizing that shit doesn't fly and good things never die!

    These were silent tears of relief and gratitude. Helping me celebrate the miracle of these two revelations that week was an incredible performance by Sleater-Kinney!

  • 6.) I broke Sarah Cass' stove!

    While working on a trade arrangement with Sarah (paint her kitchen in return for band photos) I jumped up on her stove to wipe paint off the ceiling and shattered the glass heating unit! I was so ashamed!! At least we were able to replace it and she took some really awesome photos of us!

  • 7.) Depression Cherry.

    When this new Beach House album came out, I thought that my band and life as I know it were ending. I thought, well, at least I have a good break-up album to listen to! Everything worked itself out AND Beach House put out ANOTHER album! Thank Your Lucky Stars.

  • 8.) RIP Grave Babies.

    One of my favorite local bands calls it quits after putting out one of the best albums of the year. :'(

  • 9.) My cat bit me!

    Isn't there a rule out there that says, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!"?? This really broke my heart, but sometimes the animals/people we love the most lash out against us. Even though you make me cry, I forgive you.

  • 10.) The attacks on Paris.

    I end this year grieving for people who have lost their lives and loved ones due to terrorism all across the world. This one makes all my other tears seem kind of pointless. I'm gonna go enjoy my life now. Cheers!