Marian Li Pino

La Luz

Hardly Art released La Luz's Weirdo Shrine, their 2nd album, in August 2015.

Worst of Unfortunate Events Befalling Humans in Europe as seen by La Luz in 2015:

  • 5) Girl in Amsterdam "bites it hard" for no apparent reason.

  • 4) Biker in Amsterdam strikes an imprudent pedestrian.

  • 3) Infant in a stroller is ejected on to the sidewalk in Brussels. While still strapped in to the baby seat.

  • 2) Dutch man on bike is hit by a small car traveling at a reminiscently kamikaze speed. (Shana's note: the car was FULL OF DOGS for some reason and they all started barking like crazy!)

  • 1) Terrifying and completely blind sighted T-bone car accident (in Prague?), which left one car completely totaled and facing in the opposite direction of where it was struck.

  • Bonus: Angry older Scottish man accuses our driver of being "Tweu Stew-pid" to listen to directions and then we drive on his lawn.