Liam Downey

So Pitted

Sub Pop will be pleased to release So Pitted's Sub Pop debut album neo in February 2016. Liam is also a member of the fabulous Downey brothers.

top 10 for 2015

  • 1. my phones about to die - Pataphysics

  • 2. Gary Wilson and The Blind Dates live at Chop Suey

  • 3. ~•• - the fabulous Downey brothers

  • 4. Starfruit

  • 5. Suburban Lawns and Pink Section being re-released

  • 6. Private Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti and Gang of Four show at the modern sky festival at the seattle center mural amphitheatre

  • 7. Final Fantasy 7 re-release announcement trailer!

  • 8. Wierd Al Yankovic live: the mandatory fun tour at the Washington state fair.

  • 9. The B-52's live at Portland Zoo and Woodland Park Zoo with the fabulous Downey brothers as openers.

  • 10. The band, "So Pitted"