Jensen Tjhung

Deaf Wish

Deaf Wish is a Melbourne (as in Australia) foursome whose Sub Pop debut, Pain was released in August 2015.

The List

  • 1. 3 (THREE)

    Perfection and intrigue, the stealth of every trick. Three is a self-made God.

  • 2. 7 (SEVEN)

    Seven eyes of the crucified goat head. 7 horns of the un-slain beast. 7 & 7 is.

  • 3. 8 (EIGHT)

    The loop, the slip, the tilt to addiction. Eight is proof of illusion, every casino's golden egg.

  • 4. 9 (NINE)

    Three threes. Brilliant and cursed. Odd numbered grid. And Ben Cousins, a magnificent footballer.

  • 5. 2 (TWO)

    Brings life. Duality of man. The twin, the fact. Foreboding is the two.

  • 6. 6 (SIX)

    Six is six. Heart of darkness, cloak of fear. Satan's hook.

  • 7. 4 (FOUR)

    Tetraphobia sweeps East and Southeast Asia. Order, the square, the cell.

  • 8. 1 (ONE)

    Ego and solitude. Bono, Pete Sampras. Lure of self, loath of self.

  • 9.10 (TEN)

    The Bully. Stone carved, and cracking under its own weight. Staunch and mean. Arrogant, binaric and overwhelming.

  • 10. 5 (FIVE)

    Number five is for kids.