Jacob Powers

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Jacob's Super Assorted In No Particular Order Top Ten Top One's Of 2015

  • 3. Best IPA: Boundary Bay.

  • 5. Best Life Changing Album That Needs To Be Reissued: Sunny Day Real Estate's How It Feels To Be Something On. As great as anything Radiohead did in the 90's. A masterpiece! If I could write a 33 1/3rd book it would be on this album.

  • 8. Best stopped-me-in-my-tracks composition and made me stand up and go to the front of the pub and buy two cassettes from band afterward: Who & The Fucks.

  • 1. Best Margherita Pizza: Via Tribunali Fremont.

  • 4. Best Avant Garde Album Performance followed by longest mass standing ovation and cheering: Artifacts by Nicole Mitchell, Mike Reed, and Tomeka Reid. The first time I've ever seen a Jazz group nearly forced into doing an encore by applause! Side note: check out the new album Tomeka Reid Quartet if you dig cello.

  • 2. Best Book I can't put down that I should have read a decade ago: Head On, by Julian Cope. Currently being turned into a film or television show I read.

  • 1/2. Best album that wasn't officially an album: Helio Sequence's Sunrise Demos. Their new album was self titled, they could have gone "white album" and smattered all these tracks in their various states among the others into one cohesive....sequence.

  • 7. Best Band I ever saw live that never put out a full length album: Soylint Green; the third best band to come out of Aberdeen, or first best band to come out of Westport. They featured the wildest Rock n' Roll performer I ever saw live, Leroy Brownstone.

    When my high school burned down I helped organize a benefit show with them headlining. If the band hadn't imploded I think they nearly could have been on the same "rock is back" cusp that happened in the early 00's with The Vines, The Strokes, The Hives, and White Stripes. Say la vie.

  • 6. Best new band I want to see live again; and anticipating debut album: Heron Oblivion (thanks for the shirt Meg!)

  • 0. Best Standout Sub Pop Tracks: 1. Holy Shit by Father John Misty 2. Phantom Shore by Helio Sequence 3. Beyond Love by Beach House 4. Pain by Deaf Wish 5. My Friend Simjen by Doldrums 6. Heaven You Better Come In by Daughn Gibson 7. Price Tag by Sleater-Kinney 8. Lies by Low 9. Blind by Rose Windows 10. WerQ by Theesatisfaction

  • #. Best film: Mad Max Fury Road. It was superb; Art, really. I imagine this film encapsulates emotions and visuals that Alejandro Jodorowsky would have liked to achieve with his unrealized attempt at Dune.

  • 9. Best most anticipated album from earlier in the year: Cold Beat's Into The Air.

  • 10. Best coincidence: Daughn Gibson's song I Let Him Deal eerily referenced our Sub Pop store's #1 (in Quantity) shaped pencil, with the refrain "one that can't erase, one that can't erase, one that can't erase" as I was pondering the pencil who's eraser is nearly impossible to use.