Heron Oblivion

Heron Oblivion signed to Sub Pop in 2015. Their debut album, Heron Oblivion will be released in March 2016!

Sub Pop Top 10

  • 1) The Poetry of Time: Andrei Tarkovsky at Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive.

    It was amazing of BAM/PFA to have brought these prints to the Bay Area that all the Tarkovsky fans might pile in and nerd out together—including a full Heron Oblivion band night out to see Stalker.

  • 2) Michio Kurihara and Damon & Naomi at Vacant, Tokyo, Japan

    Thrilled to hear that Michio Kurihara took a break from a hiatus to join Damon & Naomi at their Tokyo show this past September. We weren’t there, but so happy to know it happened!

  • 3) Music Weekend in Big Sur with Bonnie “Prince” Billy (Folk Yeah!)

    Always so cool to hear whatever Will is working on, but this awesome weekend! A yacht rock-infused all-Louisville band, a mind-blowing performance by Fountain Sun, playing upstairs at the Fernwood, Alan Forbes poster art featuring a Valkyrie riding a Scottish terrier, and more! Magic! Had to miss Dawn’s amazing set due to sound checking, but got to hear her voice echoing through a redwood grove…

  • 4) October West Coast tour with Kurt Vile & The Violators and Cass McCombs

    Such great music all around and a beautiful extended family hang with KV (Make sure to scoop up “Sax Omens” on the deluxe B’lieve I’m Going (Deep) Down.) Cass, and the gang. Playing the Fillmore! Our first long van ride as “a band” found us pulling out Inxs, Flying Saucer Attack, Body Count on the sound system.

  • 5) Ashland Food Co-op, Ashland, OR

    Thank you—so many times over—to this place for the healthy respite from the I-5 slog. Yak-man sightings too! How do you get a show in Ashland?

  • 6) Peacers record release show in Golden Gate Park

    Mike Donovan came out with a relentless hit parade of tunes on the new Peacers LP and celebrated with a renegade, generator-powered show at sunset in Golden Gate Park. Pretty much perfect!

  • 7) Thieves Oil. (See #4, #5)

  • 8) Stranded (in Oakland)

    Great record store and incredible, supportive crew. They hosted record release parties this past year for both Ethan’s Howlin Rain and Meg’s solo records, and we’ve spent countless hours, lazy afternoons and many dollars in the shop. Thanks for being here, Stranded!

  • 9) Brian Turner’s 2-part live Fall bootleg series on WFMU 04.21.15 & 04.28.15.

    What an intense and mighty labor of love this was.! Virtually 6 hours of top notch, hand selected live Fall tapes (mostly from BT’s personal collection from years of tape trading!) What a mind melter. I can only imagine how much work went into putting this together and it all paid off in what was, in my mind, the FM (and internet!) radio event of our generation. BT had interviews with Steve Hanley, Marc Riley, and Brix, to boot!? Long live WFMU!

  • 10) The motherfuckin Mansion y'all!!!

    West coast palace of creation- King Riff's basement studio in SF Chinatown. We practically lived there this year and last. Heron Oblivion, Meg Baird solo, Peacers album mentioned above, Comets On Fire, Feral Ohms, Howlin Rain, Noel working on the new Dylan Shearer album, Mikal Cronin, Six Organs, all the Castle Face live in SF shit, on and on and on. Bubble Tea, warm Tecate, 3XXX espresso macchiatos and chocolate chip cookies, Le Croix, extreme chord wars, Studers, 388s, 1/4", 1/2", 2", 1/8", backwards, forwards, slow'd down, speed'd up, Rat, Fuzz War, Fuzz Factory, mxr, Echoplex, Space Echo, Roland Chorus Rack, MCI, Falcon flying high, Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion Mansion. (watch for killer Richard B. Simon Relix article coming soon on the Mansion—many secrets revealed about this mysterious Hobbit hole.)