Sub Pop released a 7" by Goat, It's Time For Fun, in September 2015, the first new music out of the group since September 2014's Commune.

top 5 best dinners before shows this year

  • 1). Greece, Athens 17 October.

    Can't remember the name of this restaurant but there was a band playing traditional greek folkmusic and people where dancing zorba. The nice guys from Club Gagarin that brought us there ordered in a lot of vegetarian small dishes and then we finished it all of with a pigs head and a bottle of Ouzo. And you were allowed to smoke inside. 10 out of 10 in every way.

  • 2). Italy, Brescia, Latteria Molloy, 9 May.

    The problem here is that I can't remember what we ate but I remember it was one of the best meals I have ever had. And the wine also! I think it was polenta with something.. and I remember the dessert was amazing also. The place had its own chef. One of those dinners when you get worried that you won't be able to play afterwards.

  • 3). Schwitzerland, Nox Orae festival, 29 Aug.

    Grilled meat and fish and then finish it off very late at night with raclette and rom, and a really wonderful time!

  • 4). Netherlands, Down the rabbit hole, 27 June.

    Also a lot of good stuff on an outdoor grill, you could get a whole fish for example. I took two but someone stole it from our dressing room. That's how good it was.

  • 5). Denmark, Roskilde, 3 Juli.

    Good old Roskilde. One of the few festivals that have waiters serving you at the table. So you can just sit there focusing on gaining weight.