Garrett Kelly

Sub Pop Technical Specialist; Co-founder, Hollow Earth Radio; Fashion blogger.

Garrett Kelly's Best of 2015 List

  • The person installing these weird mobiles all over South Seattle:

  • Horaflora - Rad experimental jams with unconventional instrumentation:

  • Aeon Fux - Experimental soul from Olympia.

  • 2015 Pizza Crawl - An annual pilgrimage to all of the pizza joints in Capitol Hill interspersed with guerrilla music sets (mostly of the noise variety) in various parks, alleyways, median strips and parking garages. I was mostly feeling depressed with the shutdown of beloved DIY space 'The Josephine' and the uptick in shitty development across Seattle, but felt renewed after partaking in this event specifically catered towards uplifting the dorks and weirdos and reclaiming the streets. Here is a video of a performance group I was part of during the Pizza Crawl. This is the band called 'Contact Mike', and I'm the one dunking my head in a bucket of ice water with an underwater microphone in my mouth. This performance took place in the parking lot of beloved Capitol Hill burger joint.

  • Viper - This artist apparently puts out an album a day. I found him by using to find songs on Spotify that have never been played by another living soul.

  • Senyawa - A blend of traditional Indonesian and experimental music. Punk as fuck.

  • Cibele - This is an autobiographical 'video game' in which you play as a young girl who falls in love while playing an online game. Cibele allows you to interact with a simulated computer of the game creator when she was 19. You can search through her Desktop folders, read poems and look at real photos from this era in her life. You reply to incoming email and instant messages and also play another game within the game called Valtameri. You fight monsters while listening in on a developing love affair between the main character and a boy across the continent.

  • "Blue" - My band with my two year old. Ukiah is playing drums and I'm on guitar.

  • This ATM on a camping trip.


  • Live broadcasting on Hollow Earth Radio from the #ShellNo Protest Barge

  • Caveh Zahedi's new TV Show - The Show About The Show

    Each episode is a show about the making of the previous episode of the show. A fight between an actor and the director or an odd occurrence that happens while filming becomes the drama of the next episode. This sounds like it would be about 'nothing' and the risk is in having nothing to film … but something interesting always happens. Caveh is into the third episode and it hasn't disappointed yet.

  • DoNormaal - Cool as shit hip hop.

  • Water Kefir - Delicious home-fermented beverage I just discovered. Sorta like Kefir the yogurty stuff, but just using water and sugar and ginger/oranges for flavoring. MMMMMMmmm