Deaf Wish

Melbourne foursome whose Sub Pop debut, Pain was released in August 2015.

Top 10 service stations Deaf Wish US Tour 2015

  • 10. Pilot Travel Center - Rice Hill, Oregon

    Ever done Portland to Oakland? Then you can't tell me you haven't stopped at this roadside oasis.

    Why not get some Subway or pizza slices while 'the man' fills up for you?

    Help yourself to the overstocked and endless nut snack aisle.

    The clearest, bluest water this side of the Rockies to wash your windows, with long-stick cleaners catering for the shorter drivers and drummers.

  • 9. Buc-ee's - Austin

    Another aisle of nuts. Hate queues, or simply just busting from all those road-sodas? High-tail it to Buc-ee’s. What they lack in hospitality, they make up for in urinals... 49 of them.

  • 8. Love's - Anywhere

    "Welcome to Love's"

    12 pack of Miller High Life

    Large black coffee

  • 7. Commodore Perry Service Plaza - Ohio Turnpike, OH

    Mandy in the pay booth seemed initially utterly charmed by the accent, but did she really need a comprehensive explanation of the intricate differences between a Perth accent and a Melbourne one? As her face turned from interest to total engagement shutdown, she wanted escape. Was she reaching under the counter for a piece?

    The architecture is worth a day trip with the family.

    We'd stop even if the tank was full.

  • 6. Nameless servo on California Oregon border.

    Where handsome, simple country folk say “forty on forty” in the slowest drawl, and have heartbreak as big as the fir forests on either side. Where you think your tour manager, struck by the simple life, may jump in the truck of said handsome man, never to return or listen to rock music again.

    (no photographic evidence available)

  • 5. 76 - Lebec, California

    What a view.

    Had a good chance to peruse their model cars as I waited for the men's room. Fourth in line after three generations of truck drivers who were sharing a cabin to Bakersfield. They punished that porcelain, and made a dog's breakfast of the place. Sad face.

  • 4. Winlock Shell, Washington

    Fried chicken in every format imaginable. Some deny themselves the pleasure on their first venture indoors, but soon find they are running back in for a quick drumstick or fuck it, fistful of chicken burger.


  • 3. Rees Exit 22 Truck Stop Exxon - Snowshoe, PA

    There are places in this world where people still believe in service... and a good old fashioned chin wag. Also stock a great array of quality work gloves.


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  • 2. Iron Skillet - Glade Spring, Virginia

    Where the burning eyes of heavy-set road dogs sear into your back as you order a S.O.B and sell your ass to the devil.

  • 1. Sunoco - Ozona, Texas

    1:15 AM

    Where the only other light in the sky aside from the sweet Texan moon is the glaring one on the dashboard screaming 10 miles til empty.

    A flickering Sunoco sign on the horizon