Daughn Gibson

Sub Pop released Daughn Gibson's 2nd album, Carnation, in June 2015.

Top 10 movies of 2015 from streaming sites:

  • 1. Things (Fandor) Northern hessians stumble into the dumbest dimension of all.

  • 2. Wanda (Youtube) A pitiful woman floats across the anthracite region of Pennsylvania.

  • 3. Claire’s Knee (Hulu) - A hot older man tests his seduction powers on some young stuff.

  • 4. Fix (Fandor) A documentary about Ministry that inspired me to ask Jonathan Poneman for more money. I don’t think he watched it.

  • 5. Spirit of the Beehive (Hulu) A 6 year old girl runs away from home and has a psychedelic awakening.

  • 6. Demon Queen (Exploitation.tv) A world weary alien disembowels a few ugly horn-dogs.

  • 7. Rich Hill (Amazon) Broken teenage boys reveal plans for the New American Century.

  • 8. Wake in Fright (Fandor) An Aussie teacher becomes stranded in an outback colony of bored men.

  • 9. Breakfast with Curtis (Fandor) Some carefree oldheads have a summer long bbq in Providence, RI.

  • 10. Sweet Dreams (Youtube) Jessica Lange plays Patsy Cline in this unsung HBO stunner.