Carly James

Paradigm Agency

Not just music

  • 1) Successfully dancing to the front of a packed crowd with three perfectly intact pints of beer in my two hands at the Total Control show

  • 2) Person in crowd: "WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR?" Father John Misty: "Despair."

  • 3) Catching myself involuntarily winking at Joe Casey because he “seems like a guy who can still appreciate a wink”

  • 4) The Seth Bogart Show at 356 Mission in Los Angeles

  • 5) Giving my 15-year-old Doc Martens their well-earned proper send off post-Soft Moon mud pit at Levitation Austin

  • 6) I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems 1975-2014 by Eileen Myles

  • 7) Shamefully forcing Ryan Adams’ 1989 onto everyone and wasting my time because no one will (nor should they) ever be on board

  • 8) Bel Powley in The Diary of a Teenage Girl

  • 9) Fire Power at Joseph Gross Gallery – the debut solo exhibition of artwork by Alison Mosshart

  • 10) Being lucky enough to see Patti Smith perform Horses in studio A at Electric Lady along with forty or so other folks. Watching her chant “BREAK IT UP”, every fist pounding the air – it was this religious experience I didn’t know I’d been seeking my entire life. Later that night, we all ate pizza together on the roof of the studio because how else do you end a night like that?

  • 11) The Goodnight Loving reuniting at Dusty Medical Fest in Milwaukee

And… all of the amazing new music I experienced this year, including but not limited to: