Ben Blackwell

Third Man Records

Top Vinyl-Related Gossip Pieces I Heard in 2015

  • - the Mafia charged a “leaving town tax” on some record presses that recently left the state of New Jersey

  • - Peter Buck and Mississippi Records were building their own pressing plant in Portland and weren’t letting anyone else use it

  • - Some guy in Oakland has a single record press, is not on anyone’s radar, and is just pressing for his friends

  • - The pile of presses that QRP dug out of a warehouse in Chicago were used to press bootleg 78s and aren’t even worth refurbishing

  • - Dimitri from Tresor will be buying Archer Record Pressing

  • - Buying record presses from Mexico entails entering an unenforceable 100-year production contract for the seller to act as a broker for all of Latin America

  • - United Record Pressing’s new facility, with 20+ presses, will be dedicated entirely to the Universal label family

  • - You can “buy” a record press from Pallas in Germany, but they retain possession, control, and ownership of the machine

  • - This raw French vinyl is quieter than anything else available, but can’t be recycled and used as regrind

  • - RTI in California dedicates x amount of their time to doing work transferring the speeches of L. Ron Hubbard to copper discs for the Church of Scientology

  • - Third Man Records singlehandedly saved/ruined the vinyl industry