Bekah Zietz

Publicity and International Marketing at Sub Pop

Favorite rippers of 2015 excluding Sub Pop releases:

  • Protomartyr The Agent Intellect

  • Jessica Pratt On Your Own Love Again

  • Viet Cong S/T

  • Matthew E. White Fresh Blood

  • Dick Diver Melbourne, Florida

  • Royal Headache High

  • Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly

  • Destroyer Poison Season

  • Negative Scanner S/T

  • Amanaz Africa (Best reissue of 2015)

Some other newly found rippers of 2015:

  • Shopping Why Choose

  • The City Now That Everything's Been

  • Low Life Dogging

  • Joanna Newsom Diver

  • Hamilton Soundtrack

  • Courtney Barnett Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Ripping moments of 2015:

  • Going to Peru with my travel partner in crime Carly Starr

  • Paying off my college loans!!!!! Peace out VSAC.

  • Having my best friend from college, Sue visit for 2 weeks in January and then getting to see her again in Australia.

  • Going to Australia & New Zealand for the first time

  • Pines

  • Getting a tattoo with my Mom in Portland. Catitude!

  • Starting The Dank Crystal

  • Officiating Konrad and Elle’s wedding in New Hampshire.

  • Ojai, CA w/ Earle & Graham

  • The Sub Pop Addition to "Amazon "Life in Seattle"

  • Touring with Beach House and crew for 2 weeks. Tales from the top bunk.

  • Going to see Daveed Digs in Hamilton and getting to stand on stage after the show and meet the rest of the cast. The theater kid in me was GEEKED.

  • My little sister getting married.

  • B

  • Ripping shows...

  • Ripping times...

  • The word ripping...